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ATELIER MINIMALIST | Seasonless Conscious Fashion

Designed and made in Belgium, Atelier Minimalist offers seasonless luxury clothing for women who appreciate contrast and duality. Simple yet confident lines and wearable, comfortable fabrics combine with exquisite tailoring to produce unique pieces that are meant to be worn and loved for years.

Each piece includes a thoughtful combination of textiles, some with delicately crafted patchwork comprised of both new and upcycled fabrics. Quality lies in the careful treatment of the fabrics, as well as in the artful blend of organic and geometric forms that creates a balance of softness and strength.

ATELIER MINIMALIST | Belgian Fashion Designer


The Brut collection represents Atelier Minimalist at its essence. These designs are timeless in their simplicity, subtly blending organic and geometric forms for a modern look. Focusing on both structure and softness, our fabrics are thoughtfully chosen and expertly tailored to highlight the natural curves of the body.

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