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BRINKLEYWOOL, Sustainable Handknitted knitwear

Knitwear made from the heart

Cardigans, scarves, sweaters, and blankets; carefully made with love from only the finest and most sustainable wool and methods. The talented artisans of Brinkleywool have hand knitted these items for your comfort and style. These authentic pieces provide the opportunity for the local artisans to use their knitting skills to create something not only fulfilling and beautiful but also unique and one of a kind. Each of Brinkleywool‘s items can be traced to a special woman and her attention to detail. Brinkleywool hopes you treasure it as much as we do.

Brinkleywool‘s wool is super soft, chunky, natural, biodegradable and breathable. 100 % Peruvian wool and merino wool; sourced ethically through ethical and sustainable sheering.

Brinkleywool started in Lebanon by two sisters who grew up in a family with a passion for knitting and crocheting. knitting has always been a part of our culture, adopted and admired through generations and we are proud to bring it back in a fashionable and fun way. The brand of handmade knitwear started with a love for style with the purpose of contributing to our community by working with Lebanese artisans. Talented women across Lebanon who joined Brinkleywool‘s team share the same passion and providing this opportunity for these amazing women is a privilege that Brinkleywool is proud of.