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CARALARGA | Sustainable handmade accessories & jewellery

Raw Handmade Accessories Inspired by natures raw materials. Caralarga is a textile design and production workshop that creates high quality artisanal pieces sustainably by hand. 


Caralarga is a textile design and production workshop inspired by nature’s raw materials; they seek to preserve their essence and accentuate their qualities by transforming them into high quality artisanal pieces. Through their designs, they want to convey the value of their craftsmanship and highlight the natural beauty of each material. They like things as they are and believe that a simple world is better; this is the source of their inspiration. 


Founded in 2014, Caralarga’s designs were made from raw cotton threads and textile offcuts discarded by production errors. They saw in these materials the possibility to rethink and explore waste as a medium to create unique, timeless and sustainable jewellery and apparel pieces.

As the company grew, it employed artisans who had preserved the knowledge and techniques involved in working other natural materials such as the fibres extracted from the sansevieria plant and recycled bull horn.

Now, in 2019, Caralarga creates a wide variety of designs from an array of natural materials – from textile jewellery to raw cotton clothing and now large format pieces designed for interiors. These large and medium format pieces are the result of the natural development of their initial work doing textile jewellery.  They have ventured into creating larger, more complex pieces, and in doing so found new ways of working raw cotton and hand braiding.

These interior decor pieces seek to transform spaces through timeless designs that highlight the beauty of the raw material. “Caralarga likes things the way they come and believe that a simple ethical world is a better world” 

Caralarga – PAVORREAL – £33.00 

Handmade earrings. 100% raw cotton and waxed chord. 12,5 cm long. Please note that: Each caralarga is handmade with artisan techniques. Length and small details may vary among same models. Do not wash or dry clean. Caution! Cotton threads are flammable.