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Premium Brands & Top Emerging Designers By JAANTE



Talabaya is the marriage of the European and Middle Eastern Fashion. A magnificence fusion between the oriental heritage and the European handcrafting. #TALABAYA

Lola Antoine

Lola Antoine

Established in 2017 in the principality of Andorra, Lola Antoine is a sustainable's Prêt-à-Porter for discerning women. #LOLAANTOINE 


Made in Tuscany with love, exclusive Pajamas made with precious silk fabrics. VeraRoad is not just a brand, Veraroad is a philosophy, a new luxury, a sustainable lifestyle brand. #IAMVERA

Royal Beast Designs

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Trend & Style by JAANTE 

Multi-brand showroom, JAANTE  represents several top emerging designers, premium labels and sustainable & ethical brands. #JAANTESHOWROOM