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One is Never Overdressed or Underdressed with a Little Black Dress.

Celia Elle

What is your understanding of fashion? 

The past years, trends start to show that more consumers are taking care of the environmental impact of fast consumption can have on earth, in our life and health. Therefore, more and more consumers are switching their habits and lifestyle, starting by not only caring about recycling, using eco-friendly transportation and fashion consciousness. 

JAANTE representing brands who not only dress up people but also help in contributing to the slow-fashion movement and for whom ethical fashion is very important. 

Most of our brands use either sustainable fabrics and/or are sustainable in their production line and/or distribution, also have eco-friendly ethics. 

Hoping that soon, most the brands and manufacturers within the fashion industry will take conscious of that and will be forced to change their ways and values. When this happens there will be a big positive environmental impact. 

Fashion is not necessarily about labels or brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.

 Why is your brand JAANTE special? 

Launched in Switzerland and now, located in Belgium, in the heart of Europe, great for fashion brands, fashion stylist, an editorial pull. 

A fashion concept and b2b/b2c platform that acts like a multi-brand showroom-boutique showcasing Top emerging designers and Premium Sustainable brands new to the Swiss and/or Belgian market. 

JAANTE build brand awareness for the designers/brands, creating a unique and creative shopping experience for retailers and fashion-forward consumers. 

How do you choose the products that you offer in your showroom? 

Mainly we need to understand the vision and mission of the brand and see if their values fit with our principles. It needs to be a non-massive brand, preference for either sustainable, eco-friendly combining their design, work with the innovation and/or craftsmanship artisanal. 

Here a list of some of the brands that we are representing and actually have within our portfolio – DIANA ARNO, BRINKLEYWOOL, LOLA ANTOINE, VICKEN DERDERIAN, MAREN DESIGNS, ROYAL BEAST DESIGN, MONOKROM.