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MAREN DESIGNS, Swiss Canadian Sustainable Kidswear / Underwear

From Dreams
to Destiny

To MaRen it’s not just about the bra. It’s not just about the girl. It’s the connection between the two. MAREN DESIGNS underwear’s designs move beyond fabric and fit.

The Making
of MaRen

Some brands are born out of necessity and others out of passion. The inspiration for MaRen was born out of both.

The necessity stems from the desire to open a rich and real dialogue between a mother and her daughter(s), an aunt and her niece, sister to sister — that first conversation about their own transformation from girl to a young lady and eventually into the woman she was born to become.

MaRen embraces what make use each an individual and we see the first bra as the catalyst to begin that conversation with our daughters – an opportunity for sharing our true selves, personality and character while allowing flaws and imperfections to be a holistic and natural virtue of her very own story.

The MaRen

 The MaRen Foundation represents our values and commitment to educating girls and young women about their bodies, their self-worth, and their overall health.


“Hers Renders Hope”

For so long, the bra has been a functional necessity. MaRen believes the bra also needs to represent self-awareness towards the breast and the body led by the brain. Through its program “HRH” (hers renders hope), the MaRen foundation introduces the next level of awareness for young women.

What We Do

  • Provide complimentary bras to young women who are less privileged
  • Offer tools and knowledge to assist in a girl’s personal and unique metamorphosis
  • Provide education on how to establish loving relationships with the breasts and body
  • Support breast cancer cures and education on how to be fitted through diagnoses
  • Encourage girls to develop and be empowered through a positive self-image
  • Sponsor contests for corsetieres and young designers to develop new, innovative designs