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Mineral Powders – Get The Flawless Skin Finish Now!

Modern cosmetics often include mica, a mineral which creates a glowing complexion – but at what cost? Photograph: Alamy


For cosmetics companies, animal testing has been banned in most countries, but with global companies producing overseas, it’s difficult to know for sure.

Here a list of the best make-up brands that don’t test on animals (cruelty-free), so you can put your make-up on with a clear ethical conscience.


bareMinerals doesn’t test on animals, at all. Their make-up also happily doesn’t contain any preservatives, oils, fragrances or damaging chemicals.

The bareMinerals collection uses naturally derived minerals to give your skin flawless, long-lasting coverage, sun protection, and breathability. From starter kits to brushes, SPF foundations, concealers, and bronzers, the extensive range will work in harmony with your skin to improve your complexion and give your skin an impeccable finish.

Discover the full range of Make Up and Skincare from bareMinerals.


Illamasqua is a British beauty brand that stands out from the crowd. Inspired by innovators in the 1920s Berlin theatre industry who created high performance, long lasting professional makeup, nearly a century later Illamasqua stands up to those same demands. Their high quality, premium range of makeup products includes everything from high tech primers and gorgeous foundations to beautiful eyeshadows and lip shades. Illamasqua is the brand every beauty fanatic needs to try. 

Illamasqua is world-famous for lending their passionate support to causes that matter and, as expected, the brand does not test on animals, meaning everything from their lipstick to liquid liners are totally cruelty-free.