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THE SHAMBHALA KODO | From Sweden to Singapore – a connection between beauty & spirituality

Spotted in Paris by the internationally-acclaimed PR and award-winning communicator Dr. Linjie Zanadu, Isabell from Sweden became the first-ever brand ambassador for the Singapore-based luxury cosmetic brand Shambhala Kodo.

Inspired by Isabell’s natural beauty, Dr. Zanadu committed the founder of The Shambhala Kodo Master Sayfon Lim to offer the brand ambassadorship to her. As a new form of cosmetic products, Shambhala Kodo adheres to its principle of providing only natural ingredients that bring out the benefits and properties of aromatherapy for wellness and mindfulness in skincare.

The products are derived from ancient formulas using herbs, roots, flowers, leaves, barks, and stems. These elixirs given from nature are remarkable and efficacious even in today’s modern age. The founder, Mr. Lim Sayfon has gained this special knowledge from Japan through years of hard work and diligence. The natural approach for preserving beauty is an ancient method cultivated by Japanese emperors and high society.


The pristine beauty of the Swedish nature has produced some of the world’s most beautiful women. In line with the classical principle of originality, fairness, and minimalism, the soul of Swedishness is well reflected by Isabell’s natural look. Shambhala Kodo’s philosophy of natural mindfulness, therefore,fits such a vision of organic Swedish beauty. “In an increasingly interconnected world, much of the classical beauty is replaced by post-modern edginess. But the real beauty is always treasured and is well represented by rare spiritual sparks,” Dr. Zanadu commented. In the series photo session produced by Fedrik Emporio Azmani, Isabell’s beauty is reflected through the soul allegory of the dialogues with lights and contrast. The artistic technique of Chiaroscuro was fully employed.

Finding the right person for an esoteric cosmetic product line is not easy. The products use some of the finest herbal ingredients from the highlands of the Himalayas, India, and Java in Indonesia. The high purity of the product also led to the search for natural pure beauty. Shambhala Kodo is currently planning to launch its operation soon in Europe and the United States.


SHAMBHALA KODO | From Sweden to Singapore – a connection between beauty & spirituality.

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