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Eminessences « Where beauty meets conscious lifestyle

Eminessence for your Soul, Body & Spirit
Beauty consultant for years and blogger since 2012, she has always been passionate about cosmetics and all that is attractive to beauty and well-being.
By reorienting my skincare routine towards more natural products, my skin has directly witnessed the effects positive: skin smoother, cleaner and less prone to pimples.

She mainly bought my beauty products from foreign online stores, allowing me to take my time behind my computer screen and decipher all the ingredients of each product.
From here, was born the idea to create her own shop with all these brands that I like so much, brands environmentally friendly and not tested on animals. Rare brands from around the globe gathered in one shop.
And so share my passion for organic cosmetics and their benefits.
If you need information or want to ask a question for personalized advice or others, it is with great pleasure that Emilie will answer.
Welcome to Eminessences