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Sustainable lifestyle cocooning in eco-friendly sofas

More and more, we are working remotelw from home (and skipping the desk for the day) or just in a mood of just cocooning at home.

For that cosy atmosphere, our sofa is a major player in our comfort as a key place for chilling, connecting with the people we share our homes with; family, friends and pets included sometimes.

Here q few selections of sustainable and eco-friendmy couches that are affordable, prioritizing eco-friendly practices, high-quality natural materials, and more. Whether you’re looking for a loveseat, sectional, or five-piece collection, there’s a couch here for you.



Medley understands that your home is a reflection of you and your values. That’s why it uses eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials for all furniture, including FSC Certified wood, solid bamboo, Certi-PUR foam, and certified organic textiles. Handcrafted in California over six to eight weeks based on your customization, you can choose the modern, sleek sofa of your dreams. Orders ship nationwide and to Canada, and the Medley team provides quotes for international delivery.


SABAI – Standout Ethic: Use FSC Certified wood

The Sabai team takes pride in crafting furniture to be cozy, conscious, and convenient. The popular Essential Sofas and Sectionals are responsibly made in North Carolina using natural fibers, FSC Certified wood, and recycled water bottles. You can customize your sofa in any number of ways including color, fabric, and wood and it’ll arrive to you in no time with simple directions for assembly. At this time, Sabai ships sofas via USPS Ground to US addresses.

FOLKE – Stand out Ethic: made-to-order

Made start to finish in the same building out of Los Angeles, Folke is dedicated to both function and form. Every single piece is made-to-order using natural materials, meaning you’re more likely to keep it over time and the team’s less likely to create waste. Inspired by Scandinavian design and quality, you can find a number of sofa, sectional, and chair options that are yours to personalize. And if you’re interested and international, you’re in luck: Folke offers quotes for worldwide delivery.