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The Best Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo 96

Manlikeclix Featured on Magazine for his Street Style Looks

Manlikeclix gained a lot of recognition this last June when he was featured in an online magazine for his street style. Elle magazine is a world-renowned magazine that is centered around fashion, beauty, and life and it is a big deal to get featured in one of their stories. 

On June 17th, Elle Magazine posted a story titled “The Best Street Style Looks From Pitti Uomo 96” in which they discussed all of the most unique and attention-grabbing looks from the Pitti Uomo 96 event. Pitti Uomo 96 is one of the most important men’s fashion fairs and provides a platform for men’s styles to come to life. 

Manlikeclix, a fashion designer that fuses Italian and African fashion together into one, attended this fashion event in a stunning white outfit with African patterned accents such as a belt and a hat. This was certainly an eye-grabbing outfit that could not be ignored, and Elle Magazine agreed. 

When they posted the story, Manlikeclix was one of the men featured among the top fashion styles at the event. This is a big deal, and it is one that was correctly chosen. Manlikeclix deserves all of the recognition for his unique and representative fashion trends. 

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