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Threaded’s Ethos / High-Quality sustainable textile for home

Creating Sanctuary

Each Threaded home product is a reflection of our beliefs. We believe that every home can be a place of serenity, a place that embodies both your tastes and your convictions. The thought and care in each piece translate to a more serene and beautiful home.

Choosing Sustainability

Threaded’s Ethos believes that a more conscious textile trade makes for a more mindful world. Creating sanctuary starts here.

Our planet is not only our most precious resource, but it is also our home. Threaded’s Ethos dedicates doing a part to protect and preserve it by making more ethical bedding. That’s why Threaded’s Ethos has hand-selected partners who are equally committed to this mission. Threaded’s Ethos’s partner mills and factories are always improving their sustainable practices and processes as we all work towards a brighter future and healthier world.

Threaded products are created with the intention to spread good in the world as well as the home. Threaded’s Ethos is proud to share them with you.