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TINY INK Prêt-à-Couture Hand-Painting

Hand- Painting

TINY INK - Prêt-à-Couture focuses on high-fashion techniques combined with the beauty and value of painting to create a unique design which has a deep personalized connected for contemporary women.

The features of design spirit define the brand: Tiny Ink is contemporary and hand-painting technique, a powerful source of energy and attraction, minimalism and sophistication.

The hallmarks of Tiny Ink include innovative approaches to shape and texture. The techniques of painting depicted on the hand-painting texture for all collection, create a special attraction and timeless Tiny Ink aesthetic.

Tiny Ink’s professionalism is at your fingertips to create your own unique timeless tailoring.



Add the finishing touch to your suit with exclusive style and personal details. Discover the possibility of having a tailored garment made just for you.


Meet designer, having consulted and exclusively designed which perfectly fit with your wish.

Discover the possibility of having a tailored garment designed made just for you.

Creative Director

Hoang Quyen is the founder and creative director of Tiny Ink since 2012. To known has the sensitivity to minimalist but impressive luxury structures and the excellent artistic feeling. She and her team began to build the Tiny Ink brand with the desire to bring art closer to life through fashion.

The name of Tiny Ink means small ink droplets that paint the colorful life. Quyen and her colleagues desire to create a new trend spread around the world. After more than 5 years of research and development of the application of painting in fashion, Tiny Ink has been well-known as the symbol of Art in the Fashion industry in Vietnam with the high-end tailoring technique and the unique combination of fine artwork on the prêt-à-couture philosophy.

From 2018, Tiny Ink began to bring its unique products to the world market, realizing the dream of opening the gateway into a new world where works of art became closer and more lively than ever before on the road of fashion.


Stockist/Showroom: JAANTE