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VERAROAD | Exclusive Pijamas made with precious silk fabrics

Veraroad is not just a brand, Veraroad is a philosophy, a lifestyle brand.
VERAROADVeraroad is love for life and ourselves.

It’s continuous research for the style that expresses its strength and its personality. Veraroad garments are designed for women at ease with colorful pieces and originality and appreciate high quality.


Veraroad is uniqueness.

Away from the common laws of the current market, garments are designed and created with a genuine love for those who will wear them. Made of fine materials, each piece is created with passion and love.

Veraroad is respect.

Respect for ourselves, for nature and for our own tradition.

Veraroad is refinement.

Elegance, freshness preciousness combined with comfort and freedom, for an authentic woman.

Veraroad is nature.

Nature that amazes and inspires in its colors and shapes. Nature is so present that we almost feel like wearing it. We are Nature.

Veraroad is sustainability.

We need to save the Earth and each of us need to make its own contribution. Veraroad garments are made exclusively with pure fabrics from sustainable supply chains. #sustainablefashion

Discover more about VERAROAD Phone: +39 055 6462121, +39 055 6462126

Stockist: JAANTE